Seth Godin: Upside vs. downside. If he keeps doing these posts, I might actually Permission Marketing (currently on my shelf)

Here’s a rule that’s so inevitable that it’s almost a law: As an organization grows and succeeds, it sows the seeds of its own demise by getting boring. With more to lose and more people to lose it, meetings and policies become more about avoiding risk than providing joy.

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New Webkit Nightly Build Makes Debugging In Safari, etc. Almost as Easy as FF & Firebug

If you are a web developer that does heavy CSS / Javascript, you have to check out the latest Inspector from the webkit team, its pretty close to the power of firebug.


its still Beta quality (its only in the nightly builds), and as far as I don’t know it doesn’t have a plugin architecture like Firebug. But the bones of it is there:


Element inspector, CSS display, CSS Editing editing selectors, adding new , live html editing, deleting elements etc.


A lot of the features were there before, but were not as user-friendly or discoverable. And of course you get the standard Javascript debugging with breakpoints and console, etc.

Read about the improvements here:


Get WebKit here:


C’mon Microsoft, step up your game, IE is way behind the pack here.


if it wasn’t for their market share, I would refuse to support IE.

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WordPress’ New “Press It” and iPhone App are Great for Mo-Blogging

Press It WordPress Codex.

This bookmarklet combined with the iphone client wordpress just released in the AppStore makes for a decent moblogging experience from the iphone. The only way to make it better is to have a bookmarket that opens the quickppst in the native client instead of the web app. The web app is not functional on the iPhone at least in it’s default config, so I had to save the post on the web, and edit from the client. Still not a bad experience, especially over wifi.

Edit: Apparently the native iphone wordpress app is unable to handle certain special characters. When trying to save I just get a “Communication Error” and something about my post not being well formed (shoulda used that new screen cap capability of iPhone 2.0) I am unsure which of the following killed it but I removed ” : ‘ to get it to work (and it did). I will make some edits to an old post to see what breaks.

Experiments in Social Networking: Flock

Edit: This post was unfortunately delayed as I wanted to adjust it for the latest version of flock, which is based on Firefox 3 instead of Firefox 2.

I tried flock today, and was pretty impressed with it. I think it has some things that could be improved, but overall, its a very strong product for a large subset of users.

For the uninitiated, Flock is a “social” web browser. Now that I read it. “social web browser” seems like some ridiculously buzz-word laden term, trying to trick some VC into parting with a large pile of money. But it accurately conveys what Flock is (and as an open source project, I don’t think they are trying to con anybody).

Flock is basically a Mozilla based browser (like firefox) with a great deal of social network, and media integration. They do their best to integrate with all of the Web 2.0 heavy hitters: Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Twitter, Picasa, Piczo, Digg, Pownce, Blogger, WordPress, Delicious, Magnolia, and several more. Its honestly an impressive list of sites. And the Flock development team is constantly working to integrate new sites. For example, their latest beta, of version 1.2 was released just his Monday, and added support for Digg, Pownce and AOL Mail. Of course, if you reread that statement, you will see where the shortcoming for Flock is as well. These social networks are being added on by the core development team. I have not gone over the source code, nor read any developer documentation in depth, so I might be griping about lack of a feature that already exists…but I feel that all of these social networks should be integrated with a sort of plug-in architecture. For instance, I would like to see StumbleUpon integrated with Flock, or perhaps Plaxo, or Reddit, or whatever cool social media hits the scene tomorrow. I realize all of these sites can be supported through extensions and bookmarklets, but wasn’t that the point of Flock?, I mean if I need to install special plugins (outside where all the rest of my social media is) why would I use a different browser?

Enough ranting.

definitely the Media Bar that allows you to search flickr and the sidebar with all of your accounts is a definite bonus along with the ability to post the pages you browse to your various social networking accounts.  At the moment, the target of flock is the hardcore social networker that does social networking for its own sake.  I would say someone who uses social networks to help generate “buzz” around a products, service, site, whatever is still best served by a combination of firefox plugins and bookmarklets.