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About Switching To mac

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    Elliot Betancourt

The purpose of this blog is to track and share my progress and experiences switching to Mac. I have been using Linux almost exclusively for about 3 years now, so my experience and story will probably quite different from that of the typical Mac "n00b". By switching to Mac I hope to gain two things:

  1. I want to continue to use a non-microsoft (prefereably unix) solution. I wish OS X was an open source product, but its MOSTLY built ffrom open source products, the main closed source portions are the Aqua interface (wow this thing is pretty, talk about Eye-candy, and no performance penalty for it..I mean its pretty fast)
  2. It just works. (thats what they tell me anyway!) More specifically, I wanted to get a laptop, I didnt want to use windows (see number one) and laptop hardware support under Linux is spotty. I have had great experiences, but I've also had alot of nightmares. And with driver availability for Macs, it seems like I won't have a problem getting alot of standard hardware to work on here. Also in this vein, as a computer geek, I would like to (for once) get a computer and just use it to do the things I want to do and quit clowning with it. Other Unix geeks have told me that this is what they experienced when they switched to Mac. So, this is how I begin the quest.

In my next post, I will talk about my first impressions. Till then, later!