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Manage your own Hotel / B&B Bookings with Open Source tools yourself!

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    Elliot Betancourt

When my wife and I visited Key West and stayed in a Bed and Breakfast, we talked for a little while about how maybe…we should just sell everything and move to Key West and open ourr own B & B. Rent bikes, read and hang out. It looks like maybe with this plugin for WordPress, that dream might be a little easier!

StayPress is a collection of plugins that will turn a standard vanilla installation of WordPress or WordPress MU into a property management and bookings system. Of course when I say Property, I actually mean any bookable resource of which there is a finite availability. So the StayPress system will be able to manage property rentals, hotel room rentals, conference rooms and centres, B and B’s, training rooms, bands, etc…
The new StayPress system takes over from the previous clearskys.net collection of plugins and brings everything together into a more manageable and co-ordinated group.
[From Clearskys.net Blog » Blog Archive » Introducing StayPress]

Now all we need is: Money to buy a huge place in Key West, and the gumption to do it.