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Dusting Off the Old Blog

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    Elliot Betancourt

It has been almost five years since I last wrote a post. And now that I’ve gone through the trouble to rebuild the blog on Gatsby. I feel it’s fun to write a little bit again. Both from a personal and tech side.

I’ve been meaning to post since the beginning of the year, especially since I started trying to set up a new workflow that involves using my new iPad. I feel its as pretty common workflow for developers with a statically generated blog trying to write from the iPad, but as I create my first blog post here, I am definitely seeing where a little bit of automation can help take a little bit of the initial pain out of creating this post, particularly around initially creating the post and setting up the frontmatter.

Another cool subject I’ll cover is my life as an expat in France (we’ve been living in Aix en Provence for almost three years, and it’s been wonderful!).

Until the next post!