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Progress and Improvement

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    Elliot Betancourt

It’s been a tough week, the shower was being repaired (no small challenge when you have only one bathroom in your apartment, and four people living there.

Despite this, and despite still being on Day 0 of 75 Hard (I have only managed one workout on each day, and drinking a gallon of water a day is HARD...also, I am constantly going to the toilet) I really feel a lot of improvement. I have worked out pretty hard each morning, and keeping to a keto diet, and I can feel the effect on my focus, and its making me really want to work on my business again.

Also, because of the broken shower, I have been showering at the gym. I can’t tell if they have a water heater or I am just getting used to the cold water. I assume there’s a heater, or I wouldn’t be able to tolerate the shower, but the temperature is set pretty low. This has lead to more efficiency in showering since I want to be done ASAP with my cold shower 😂

Today we head to Cannes so we don’t have to deal with not using (the repaired but still “settling” or “drying” 🤷‍♂️) shower. So it will be a nice escape.

For next week, I want to try to get into the gym at least two times at 6am. Let’s see how it goes!