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The Books I Read in December of 2023

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    Elliot Betancourt

Four Thousand Weeks: Time Management for Mortals

by Oliver Burkeman

It is truely rare the "productivity" book that tells you:

  1. You are going to die
  2. You will have stuff on your to-do list when that happens
  3. so stop trying to do it all, and just ddo what matters so you can enjoy your life

Our obsession with extracting the greatest future value out of our time blinds us to the reality that, in fact, the moment of truth is always now—that life is nothing but a succession of present moments, culminating in death, and that you’ll probably never get to a point where you feel you have things in perfect working order. And that therefore you had better stop postponing the “real meaning” of your existence into the future, and throw yourself into life now.

For everyone working hard to achieve more and feeling like they are forever falling behind, this book is a must-read. I went back and forth between the kindle version and the audiobook. The audiobook is read by the author and his cadence and british accent fit the material perfectly. So much that I cannot read the book without hearing his voice in my mind.

The Lightning Thief (Percy Jackson and the Olympians Book 1)

by Rick Riordan

Not much to say here. It was a fun and easy read. I read it four or five years ago, and remembered the overall story, but either I didn't read the last chapter or completely forgot it.

I read this in preparation for the series on Disney+ and will continue reading this series throughout 2024