Safari Suddenly Updating Won’t Change Anything for Web Developers

There was some recent buzz recently in the web community about a post from Nolan Lawson entitled “Safari is the new IE6”. Then there was a counter argument, that the problem is a lack of browser competition on iOS. The reality is more nuanced, and the solution is “That’s just how web development is, use a polyfill […]


Building a Posterous Clone with Node.js

This is the first article in a series where we will develop a Node JS project from beginning to end. A quick introduction to what we are going to do, and everything that we are going to touch on in this project. Learning how to build a real product using Node.js, MongoDB, Express, Ember.js, and Gearman.


So Which Is the Real Headline?

Both of these headlines appeared on Daring Fireball (tweeted by John Gruber) GOP lawmaker: Virtually impossible to get AIDS through heterosexual sex Nation Celebrates Full Week Without Deadly Mass Shooting Can you guess which is the real one? I am definitely not liberal, but do these politicians ever talk to their publicists? Do they ever […]