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WordPress' New "Press It" and iPhone App are Great for Mo-Blogging

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    Elliot Betancourt

Press It WordPress Codex.

This bookmarklet combined with the iphone client wordpress just released in the AppStore makes for a decent moblogging experience from the iphone. The only way to make it better is to have a bookmarket that opens the quickppst in the native client instead of the web app. The web app is not functional on the iPhone at least in it’s default config, so I had to save the post on the web, and edit from the client. Still not a bad experience, especially over wifi.

Edit: Apparently the native iphone wordpress app is unable to handle certain special characters. When trying to save I just get a “Communication Error” and something about my post not being well formed (shoulda used that new screen cap capability of iPhone 2.0) I am unsure which of the following killed it but I removed ” : ‘ to get it to work (and it did). I will make some edits to an old post to see what breaks.