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New Webkit Nightly Build Makes Debugging In Safari, etc. Almost as Easy as FF & Firebug

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    Elliot Betancourt

If you are a web developer that does heavy CSS / Javascript, you have to check out the latest Inspector from the webkit team, its pretty close to the power of firebug.


its still Beta quality (its only in the nightly builds), and as far as I don’t know it doesn’t have a plugin architecture like Firebug. But the bones of it is there:


Element inspector, CSS display, CSS Editing editing selectors, adding new , live html editing, deleting elements etc.


A lot of the features were there before, but were not as user-friendly or discoverable. And of course you get the standard Javascript debugging with breakpoints and console, etc.

Read about the improvements here:


Improving the Web Inspector


Get WebKit here:


Webkit Nightly


C’mon Microsoft, step up your game, IE is way behind the pack here.


if it wasn’t for their market share, I would refuse to support IE.